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All our products are available under the brand name Saanjh Online.

Saanjh is a niche health & wellness brand that ethically sources all its raw material from the geographically distant producers who have the epitome of the respective seeds, nuts and fruits. Whether it be Apricot from Turkey, Mustard from Haryana& Peanuts from Jodhpur. The ingredients that go into the making of Saanjh Products are subjected to the screening process for its epitome quality.

The products are prepared using the modern instruments following ancient era processes where there was no adulteration or preservatives. Thus going “BacktoRoots”

Each product is 100% pure and natural.

No Preservative!! No Filtration!! No Refining!! No Additives.

Each product has good nutritional and qualitative value. Our quality auditors inspect them on several parameters before packing them and dispatching to the clients. We cut no corners while manufacturing the products that help us maintain consistency in our product quality.

At Sarika Ventures Pvt Ltd, it’s our endeavour to introduce the world to the goodness of nature through the finest and purest range of products. We have started our enthusiastic journey back in 2017 and in a very short span, earned the reputation as leading Organic Oil Manufacturers In Delhi. We maintain purity of oil and bring food that helps you replace regular sugar with a healthy substitute.

All our products including Oils, Aam Panna, Nimbu Pani, Dry Vegetable Powder, Dry Basil Powder, Date Sugar Powder, Chikoo Sugar Powder, Apple Sugar Powder, Raw Mango Jam, Fenugreek Seed and Raisins Chutney, Beetroot and Gooseberry Jam etc. are 100% pure and are manufactured naturally. Our in-house facility has all the resources and natural ingredients to complete the manufacturing without making any compromise on the quality.

As the top Dry Nimbu Pani Powder Suppliers and Exporters from India, it’s our responsibility to ensure timely delivery of the products without busting your banks. Our aim is to make customer fall for our products and we are always ready to go the extra miles to attain that goal. Drop us your email or dial our number to share all your requirements.

Why Us

Inside Out Healing

‘Healing from within’ is our motto. Which makes us provide you Natural, Pure Healthy Products.

Quality Testing

Each batch of every product is subjected to various tests like Purity Analysis, Nutritional Value, Lipid profiling etc. to deliver best to the consumer.

100% Natural

FSSAI Certified

We follow FSSAI standards for all our manufacturing processes.

100% Natural

We follow strictly ‘No Chemical, No Preservative, No Artificial Additive’ Policy. All our Products are 100 % Natural & Pure.

Our Products

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Is Your Skin Screaming For The Help? Apply Walnut Oil

A sophisticated skin needs care, to reflect its elegance and radiance. Application of chemical can temporarily add a glow to your skin, but their side-effects are really unbearable. It is better to apply the natural product like walnut oil, whose seeds are extracted directly from the lap of nature.  Our company Sarika Ventures Pvt Ltd is one of the best Walnut Oil Manufacturers in India.

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  • Jul 31,2018

Date Sugar Powder - A Reality Check

Date sugar powder looks a lot like regular brown sugar made out of sugarcane and it may even use as its substitute. But they are very different in terms of their nutritional content and health effects. Date sugar powder is a whole food sweetener, which is full of fibre and rich in antioxidants. But is it really good for our body? There are several claims about a lot of products so we are here with a personal experience of one of our customers.

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  • Dec 31,2018

Ugly Truth of all Refined Oils!! Stop Using!!

The ugly truth of Refined oils is always covered up by misleading advertisements. Know here the process used in manufacturing the refined oils. The health hazards of the same.

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