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Date sugar powder looks a lot like regular brown sugar made out of sugarcane and it may even use as its substitute. But they are very different in terms of their nutritional content and health effects. Date sugar powder is a whole food sweetener, which is full of fibre and rich in antioxidants. But is it really good for our body? There are several claims about a lot of products so we are here with a personal experience of one of our customers.

Dr. Neha one of my clients lives in Model Town, Delhi and she has a 14-year-old daughter who is diabetic. Only those people who have diabetic kids can understand how difficult it is to control the sugar level of a kid. Dr. Neha was very stressed about the health of her daughter and bought date sugar from us and she started to use it as a replacement of sugar for her. After giving it, when she checked the sugar level of her daughter, she was surprised to see that it turned out to be normal. Date Sugar Powder is a much better option for diabetic patients than sugar-free because sugar-free is associated with acid peptic diseases like Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease and gastric ulcers.

That’s why it is much wiser to opt for date sugar powder. Sarika Ventures Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Date Sugar Powder Manufacturers, we give special attention to the purity of our products. We only follow the natural process and promise that our quality won’t disappoint you. Get in touch with us to place an order.